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helloshelly7969 (@helloshelly7969)

Cervicogenic Headache

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Hello @helloshelly7969

I too am so sorry to hear of your headache pain and associated symptoms. Pain of any type is very debilitating and can also be isolating. How very difficult!

As you know, here at Connect, we are not medical professionals, just patients like yourself. However, you mentioned several meds you are taking for various disorders and it made me wonder if the symptoms you are describing might be a side-effect of some of those meds. Have you discussed this possibility with any of your prescribing doctors or perhaps a pharmacist? (Pharmacists can be a wonderful resource and they don't charge for their time!)

I certainly wish you better days ahead and wisdom to get through the hard times! I look forward to hearing from you again.


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Replies to "Hello @helloshelly7969 I too am so sorry to hear of your headache pain and associated symptoms...."

Thank you for your support. Yes is the short answer. Gratefully I have had the same doctors and pharmacists for many years. They all know my issues, besides been on meds for years too. But this too would be my response. Maybe the fact that the OA in my neck is severe is the cause of the headache. My primary wants me to see a neurologist. This concerns me as a nerve block scares me more.

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