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I'm so glad you listened to your feelings, and it worked out for the best! I'm going to talk to my surgeon about this, but she sounds like I should just do the one, but we'll see. It's different when someone doesn't have this to say, and this is a business to make money. But I'm doing lots of research, and you've helped so much and I appreciate lots

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I am 55 and before surgery I was stage 3 her2 with lymph nodes affected.
I had a bi lateral mastectomy and healed in 4 weeks to a point I was back at work with limited lifting.
I have PT and feel relieved that both breasts are removed.
Insurance covered all and will cover all reconstruction in the future. I have feeling on the skin of my breasts and also to the touch in between my breasts.
I laugh when I feel a draft!
I had skin sparing so I was not conservative!
Life ahead of cosmetics.

I am blessed to have family send amazing team of doctors.
Continuing with my treatment plan post surgery.
I feel back to my energy level 5 months out of surgery 7 weeks out of radiation and continuing chemo as preventative.
Living my life looking forward.

@kruzin I was hoping you could share which route you went with. I just went with bilateral mastectomy (my decision as it was in one breast) with delayed reconstruction. I had expanders put in as I need to do radiation. I am starting to regret my decision and whether I should have went flat. I am trying to understand is some breast tissues were left behind because of the reconstruction decision. Diagnosed with her2+ stage 2.