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@bdade59 and @marvinjsturing I admire your strength, courage and faith in dealing with your cancer journeys. I have never faced anything like that but I want to encourage you in your CKD situations. I’ve been bouncing between stage 3 & 4 CKD for the past 2 years due to type 1 Diabetes since 1975. I had a pancreas transplant in 2005. That helped improve and stabilize some of the complications of Diabetes such as neuropathy, vision and kidney problems. In 2016 I started having a decline in kidney function and met the criteria for pretransplant evaluation. I’ve already experienced a transplant and it was like receiving my own personal miracle so I was not concerned about having a kidney transplant. In fact I insisted for the longest time that I’d rather die than have any kind of dialysis. I’ve since been convicted of the error of this thinking because as a Christian believer both my life and death are in God’s hands. There are reasons for everything: our diseases, medical treatments & interventions etc. Perhaps part of the purpose is to encourage one another along the way. I have routine local follow up with endocrinology & nephrology later this month, then a return to Mayo for an annual pretransplant evaluation review. I am listed with inactive status currently because my GFR is too good! I’m still not on dialysis and I’m still looking for a living donor. Trying to trust God that what will be, will be ok. The mentors and moderators at Mayo Clinic Connect are a wealth of information and have posted some good helpful links in this thread.

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It's just good to know it's been 3 years it give me more hope I took a 2 hour class..and when she finish I was scared to death. She talked with no feelings or compassion.i guess after teaching the class for 6 years it just become a job!..so Thanks you really gave me hope and my trust in God…Faith! IAM trying to stop it or slow it down..I know I can't reverse it. Thanks!! Keep postive! And keep moving forward!!!

@cehunt57, I had a doctor's appointment on Thursday, May 8, 2014. Because of my symptoms, my doctor scheduled a CT scan for the next day. Instead of waiting several days for the test results, I was back in my doctor's office 15 minutes after the scan. By that afternoon, I had appointments scheduled at Mayo in Rochester. Two days after my initial diagnosis, my wife and I were supposed to fly to Vegas for a conference. We thought we had a morning flight, but found out it was an evening flight. So we went to church with our son. That morning, the preacher's sermon was from Romans 8:28 – All things work together for the good of those who love God. The journey was not easy – surgery. 6 months of chemo and then another year of treatments for my kidneys. But we knew from the very beginning that God was going to be with us. As a side note: 3 weeks after preaching that sermon, the pastor's wife died of pancreatic cancer. God has proved himself to be faithful time after time in our journey. Stay strong in your faith.

I can feel your warm tone when I read you seem so thankful and so genuine I thank you for taking out the time to relpy back! I will keep the faith that's all we have! He first loved us.we all benefit from undeserved kindness …Tie a Knot and hang On your story has encourage me thank you so much for sharing.