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Good Morning, @bdade59. I want to extend a welcome to Mayo Connect. I am happy that you have joined the Kidney/Bladder Group. I, also am living with one kidney, but mine is due to transplant. And so I think that I can understand what you mean when you say that your 'world has come to a stand still'.

Here is some information that I want to share with you about CKD
And here is a chart about the stages of CKD..
Here are a couple of discussions where members have talked about Stage 3 CKD .
bdade59 Can you tell me what your doctor has said is causing this condition – Is there an underlying cause? What has your doctor told you to do in order to protect your kidney?


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Yes! ROSEMARY IT WAS HIGH BLOOD PRESURE BUT ITS UNDER CONTROL NOW! ITS MY FAULT I DID NOT WANT TO TAKE THE MEDACATION CAUSE IT WOULD DAMAGE MY KIDNEY (1*) FRUTHER BUT I DIDNT KNOW IT WOULD PROTECT KEEP MY PRESURE DOWN AND STILL DAMAGE MY KIDNEYS..IAM SO COFUSE…my doctor said I could come out of it and go back to stage 2 but the more I read..nah! Everything say..it may..slow down…but not stop progression…IAM getting my chlestoral down trying hard with out meds..and my A.c.1 is broderline…getting it down if I don't starve my self first..just joking!.

@bdade59, It is frustrating, isn't it? You are doing the right thing by taking this seriously. (too many people don't) I encourage you to keep thinking and focusing on the positive. Your doctor has told you could reverse the kidney condition. And I have read the powerful positive messages that you have received from other members.
Remember that everybody is different. And the things that you read will present the entire range of possibilities, so don't get discouraged.

It probably does feel like you are starving yourself sometimes – because you are constantly thinking about and monitoring food. From what I've heard my friends tell, it gets to be easier as it becomes a 'new' normal routine.

Keep in touch.

Thank you so much you are so encouraging.

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