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@sirgalahad, Good day to you! So what I gather is that some people are referring to you as ableist? Is that right? Or that you are not Autistic, by reading something you wrote? I did look at your brilliant Doctor and it appears that he is associated heavily with Autism Speaks, the "Light It Up Blue" folks. The ones who employ the puzzle piece symbol. The ones that many of our actuallyAutistic speakers, authors, and advocates are kind to but gently steer away from. Bad grammar, but you get the picture, and I haven't had my coffee. No one can deny that they get the word out there. But just what words are they? To be fair, I put myself on their mailing list last night so I could see for myself the sort of things they espouse to be true about us Auties. I have been told, and I have read multiple examples, about the kinds of things their way of thinking leads to. Autistics get blamed for their conditions, instead of helped. Parents of Autistic children complain – a lot – about how difficult it is to care for a child with Autism. When a parent kills their Autistic child, then shake their heads and grieve for the parent, not the dead child. A common complaint is that there are no actual people with Autism on their Board of Directors. This was true awhile back, but I haven't checked lately so I honestly could not tell you if they do or if they don't. I have heard of the polio virus being used to treat a very aggressive type of brain cancer. Amazingly, the woman not only survived the treatment but survived the cancer as well. As for this idea of being injected with HIV to "rewire" my brain circuitry, no thanks. I like the circuits I have just fine! Besides, we know now that positivity can re-wire some negative brain circuitry. And just think, there are no needles involved! I am sure we will talk on this more. I will try as best I can to help as I understand more. Peace, Mamacitalucita

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I am not an ablest and I support dr Eric cochene from the perspective of his medical research and genetic research in explaining how autism arises and occurs not from the perspective of autism speaks .I vehemently disagree with autism speaks we as autistic cannot be cured one would have to kill us shut us down remove most of our brain then we may be cured we will be vegetables but cured .physiologically we cant be cured cant change the way genes have been laid down and the way the neural pathways and synapses the extreme activity of our suybapses .the changes in brain biochemistry and hormonal floodingcant be cured. Mamacita I aint for cure I for understanding and learnings about how we are .in order to explain and teach to auties how to stand up for themselves and tell t as it is

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