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Autoimmune diagnosing

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@bunnysammy your symptoms sound like fibromyalgia as this is one of my problems for me known of the none
, meds helped but the Epsom salts bath or just wring out a washcloth from the E.S.and leave on muscle/s A magnesium supplement also Ice at times Heat other times fibromyalgia is a fickle problem.Best of luck.

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Replies to "@bunnysammy your symptoms sound like fibromyalgia as this is one of my problems for me known..."

That's one of my suspicions. I definitely take a epsom salt bath every night. Tiger balm is a good pain reliever for my muscles too. Have you tried it?

Thank you:)

@bunnysammy yes I have ,my son used it when he works out but I found Arnica Gel works I use it and drink Arnica tea for pain Only place I found it is Rite Aide drug store .My Dr.put a referral in for me to see a neurosurgeon for I have a bulging disc that's giving me alot of back pain now.I have a great rheumatologist who has helped me with fibro but old fashion remedies do the best like Apple Cider vinegar in bath water also.

@lioness I hope he can help with that. That sounds painful!

I use arnica too. I didn't know there was a tea. I'm going to try that too.

@bunnysammy like I said I can only find it at Rite Aide I have to get more myself but I also drink to ginger-tumeric tea from Trader Joe it's for inflammation so you,ve got both covered Pain @inflammation covered .good luck in n finding them .

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