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Autoimmune diagnosing

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I'm so sorry about your negative experience at Mayo with the person in neurology. Please, don't give up. I recommend that you call the neurology department back and ask to speak with a doctor or the nurse. Then, let that person know your health problem, as well as the way you felt treated the first time you called. I know that Mayo encourages open communication and treating people with respect, so they people in charge need to have your information. Thanks so much for sharing your experience.

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I have had three stomach surgeries, taken PPIs and have symptoms possibly indicating B12, Pernacoius Anemia, etc.
I would like to see a Mayo doctor for a diagnosis, don’t know whether to see a GI doctor, a rheumatologist, an immunologist…can I call Mayo to be directed and to get an appointment?
Can you give me contact information?
I really need a detective type doctor!
Thanks, Sita

Hi @sita — You can find the Appointment contact numbers for Mayo here:


Once you have been seen by one of the Mayo doctors they will refer you to other specialists as needed to diagnose your health issue. They are really good at working together.



I see that John has answered your question. Please keep in touch with us about your results and if you have further questions.

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I guess I wonder if the person I speak to by phone will have the expertise to know exactly what type of doctor I need to start with. I live in NM, so I want my visit to be productive.

Thanks John. I am so sorry but I posted additional questions to Gail!

Hi @sita, can you ask your doctor to give you a referral? Is it possible to talk with one of your current doctors and discuss it with him? Once you get an appointment at Mayo the doctor can send you to different areas of specialties based on results of their findings. I have no medical training or background but that is my understanding. I recently went to the Mayo Rochester campus to see a Lymphedema specialist and based on some tests he ordered, he's trying to get me to see a knee specialist in Orthopedics. Mayo's doctors work as a team so from your initial appointment they should get you to right area.

I think if you call for an appointment, you will be asked some questions to determine the area/doctor for the appointment. I would write down your symptoms and health issues and assign a priority of importance to each one. Then when you talk to person making your appointment, give her your main issue first and so forth.

Hope this helps.


These are good ideas. My current doctor is useless. I had wanted to only spend a day at Mayo, since I live in NM. I will research this further. Thanks for your response!

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