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You may find this older thread helpful to read- regarding members talking about torn meniscus. https://connect.mayoclinic.org/discussion/torn-meniscus/?utm_campaign=search

Is there anything that you have found helpful for pain relief?

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Hi Jamie Olson: I do not take any pain pills! My primary doctor ordered 6 physical therapy sessions and I'm now on the 3rd session. I can walk around the house but not my usual 1 hr evening walk around my mobile home park! All the old posts that you sent did not say if they had the torn meniscus repaired or just lived with the tears! I just want to be sure that repairing the tear will not cause more pain instead! That's why I posted my question, but I only received 1 reply and still wasn't sure if he said it help or didn't help! I was hoping to hear more from others' experience so I can feel more at peace about my decision. Thank you!

I’m 63. Two meniscal tears on one knee plus osteoarthritis. Terrible pain. Ortho surgeon offered shots or arthroscopic surgery or PT. Had second opinion at Mayo. Two wonderful docs said if PT works don’t do shots or surgery. Studies show Many many times surgery provided same results as PT. I’m completely pain free with only pt and watching my actions like no big twisting, running, etc. I wish you well. I wanted to stay away from anyone digging into me as long as possible.

Dear @jakedduck1 & @ees1: Thanks you both for your responses! It seems like repairing torn meniscus is not a sure thing to stop the pain! Right now, either the PT does help or someday it just less painful. I hope when I see the orthopedic surgeon on Aug 8, I'll be more informed to make the right decision! I don't want anyone to dig into me either!