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Terri Martin, Volunteer Mentor (@windwalker)

Applying for Disability

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I am a liver transplant patient. When I applied, I went to SSI office about a month after my transplant. I let them know they could contact Mayo for my records. I was approved 2 months later but did not receive any check for another 4 months. They said I had to be disabled for 6 months before it would start. They used my transplant date as start date as i worked up to day of surgery. So i had transplant June 10 and received my first check January 9th. I also had to wait 2 years for Medicare. It cost me $850 a month for my cobra insurance for 2 years. I had to use what 401K my wife and I had to live for 6 months living expenses. Now I have Mayo collections coming after me for $70,000 that insurance did not cover of about $900,000 they did pay. So even when you do go onto SSI, dont expect it to be a cure all.

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@bikermike I am glad you were given another chance at life with your liver transplant. Transplants are a very expensive proposition. If at all possible, folks need to have secondary insurance along with SSI. I came close to needing a double lung transplant in 2013, thank God and Mayo; my disease hasn't come to that yet. I am on disalility, but cannot buy secondary insurance because I am under age of 65. It is a new rule they added I think in 2007.

@bikermike Wow. That is tough–owing that amount of money. At least your health is better. I'll bet that bit, by bit you get that amount of money paid off and return to a less monetarily stressful life.