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Shoulder Replacement Surgery: Range of motion?

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Exercise is what I’m worried about. I use to swim 5 miles a day but that was long ago. I’m really weak now. YIKES!!!

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I have had 3 surgeries in my shoulder and lastly a replacement. I was told after one surgery that I would never have full range of motion. I proved them wrong. I got into the swimming pool and swam and exercised. It was the best for gaining strength. I still get into the pool for exercise. I am 83 years old.

I also have shoulder pain and need surgery but I don’t want to do it because they say you can’t lay down to sleep with that thing they give you to support the shoulder so with this back pain I just feel that it would be to painful. I really have to be where I can do my stretches for my back or I’m going to be in trouble

Best option is to sleep in a recliner. I refuse to own a recliner, but it's possible to rent one for use during the six-week post-op period.

Yeah I would have to because mine is not that big or comfortable but thanks for the idea

@jfsherley, I just had my rotator repaired because of a partial tear, and I can report that the pain subsided to tolerable rather quickly, but sleeping is indeed what I am struggling with. It is getting better each night as the shoulder I assume is healing more each day, but the immobilizer sling is a rather cumbersome object that I am growing to loathe more each day! However, had I not had the surgery I would have ended up having a full tear at some point and the recovery would have been even longer, so in the end, I hope 6 weeks of discomfort proves to be worth it in comparison to letting the problem get worse and the potential for a longer recovery.