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Shoulder Replacement Surgery: Range of motion?

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@jakedduck1, I apologize for the delay in my response as I am actually recovering from shoulder surgery myself. I just had a partially torn rotator cuff repaired and am now in the wait in a sling phase of my recovery. I was also just informed that the overall recovery period before I might get back to feeling "normal" could take up to around one year as well.

I'd like to invite @amber67, @lynnmorgan0916, @mschock, @peterauen, @jpdunlap, @rosysharon, @annmerc to this discussion as they have all discussed needing or having a shoulder replacement on Connect in the past.

@jakedduck1, if your are comfortable sharing, what in particular was your physician concerned about regarding the seizures and your recovery? Is the involuntary movement that may occur when you are supposed to be immobilized in a sling?

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I just had rotator cuff surgery on May 12 at Mayo. How is it going for you?

Just an idea for people who have torn rotator cuffs that are not repairable. I begin PT today....6 weeks after Lower Trapezius Tendon Transfer. The surgery took a muscle from my back and 2 achilles tendons from a cadaver and recreated the rotator cuffs that cover the top on my shoulder. The surgeon also repaired a torn rotator on the front of my shoulder. Chose this surgery instead of replacement because I didn't have arthritis in the shoulder and wanted to get back to playing tennis. Have been told after 6 months, no restrictions. The pain has been non existent although I've been in an arm immobilizer for 6 weeks, 24/7. Just an idea for folks with more than just 1 rotator cuff tear. For any shoulder surgery... if you can get a nerve block that took ALL pain away for the first 5 days and I've just had a few tylenols since then. Good luck.

I had right shoulder replacement and humerus fixed as well about 6 weeks now. Have had constant extreme pain throughout entire arm and constant shaking and tremors to where I can’t even use my dominant hand anymore . Is there anything to expect or does this get any better ?