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Insular epilepsy surgery – What can I expect?

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Most importantly how many seizures is your son having? How many seizures did he have before the hemispherotomy? How many AED’s has he been on? How many different combinations of AED’s and over what period of time?

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Also, what type of seizures does your son suffer from?

@jakedduck1 Hello!
Before his first surgery, he had tonic clonic seizures, and it happened about 7 or 8 times a year, but they were really severe. It lasted about 20 minutes and he always became purple and needed hospital assistence. After surgery he started to have partial seizures that lasts about 1 minute, but it has happened once a month, and sometimes 9 per day. He takes 2 medications twice a day, Trileptal and Frisium. He also had taken Keppra , Depakene, Topiramato ....

This post is based only on what you have shared so far. I mean no disrespect however to me any doctor who recommended such a drastic surgery made a very irresponsible decision if only based on the seizures you describe. Brain surgery itself often causes seizures so you shouldn’t be so shocked he’s having Focal seizures now. Didn’t you have emergency medicine for your son after his seizures lasted so long? My parents gave me meds after I seized so long. Was your sons left hemisphere not fully functional or was it removed based solely on the seizures you described?

All the decisions we have done about my son surgery was based in the knowledge of the best doctors I’ve had ever known , the Mayo doctors neurologists, so I am pretty sure it was not an unresponsive act . We will soon return to Mayo to have some appointments with his doctors to have the best treatment for him again. Thank you for your reply.