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Stage 3 Kidney Disease and Diet: What can I eat?

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@fiesty76, Yes I do work at Mayo Clinic (9 years!). I work in Marketing and run their advocate program called Mayo Clinic Champions. It's to help those who've been to Mayo Clinic amplify their word of mouth about their experience. I really enjoy the work. Yes, COVID-19 has shifted our work and we're all learning a lot of new things, like getting to moderate for this wonderful Kidney & Bladder group.

@australia – We're always up for entertainment. And you certainly could teach everyone a thing or two about advocating for yourself as a patient.

@gingerw – it sounds like you have a good system down for following your healthy kidney diet and staying safe. What's the go-to snack for these trips?

@kamama94 – So glad to hear from you. So sorry about your pain and life-upending. Change is tough, especially when it comes with pain. I'm glad that you are still staying involved but definitely do what you need to to take care of yourself!

I'm wondering if anyone else has had pre-dialysis vascular surgery? What was the recovery like?

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To TonyHart 87 from Georgia/Australia. Well, what nice words -"advocate for ones self as a patient". Boy there are a lot of doctors that would have different words for me. One day I will get around to talking about how to handle sociopaths in hospitals if someone is interested.

@TonyHart87 I pack extra water, a couple of cereal or granola bars, a couple of apples, sliced celery or carrots. Don't have to use it all. If there is an extended trip planned, perhaps to my distant specialists [115 miles each way], a sandwich or salad. Town down the hill is about 25-28 miles away.

@TonyHart87, Thank you for giving us more of a peek inside what you do professionally with Mayo in the mktg. dept and Clinic Champions' program. Hats off to all, whether professional staff or volunteer advocates, working to "spread the word" to others about Mayo's many services. Becoming a member of the Connect Kidney and Bladder forum has made the single biggest positive difference in my learning better ways of managing ckd. Nice to get to send a big personal TX Thank You for moderating this group in particular!