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Stage 3 Kidney Disease and Diet: What can I eat?

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kamama94, What has your nephrologist had to say about your numbers?
I am aware that a lot of people struggle with the best diet for CKD. And I wonder if you have had the opportunoty to consult with a nutritionist? I would like to think that your doctor could provide you with someone who would be interested in your diet and the resource information that you will soon be sharing here.
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Both neph and primary are pleased and say they expect further improvement.
When I first noticed my GFR was dropping several years ago I knew to lower K, P and Na.
After the dramatic drop last Feb post-flu in Dec-Jan and before I even consulted with the neph or a dietitian, I started a renal diet similar to that of my former CKD patients.
Then in May my neph suggested that a vegetarian diet MIGHT help. It was an easy transition since I already was limiting meat. We all believe it's at least partly responsible for improved renal function since a renal vegetarian diet doesn't stress the kidneys as much as a regular diet does.
Dietitian consult helped some but you'd be surprised how many professionals understand a vegetarian diet and know about a renal diet but not both combined into one. Vegetarian diets rely heavily on legumes, for instance, and tomatoes – no-nos for a low K & low P diet.
So I've spent a great deal of time reading labels, contacting food manufacturers to learn mineral content of their products (phosphorus is not required to be listed,) and going online to various websites to find nutrient values. I wish I could post links as two in particular are approved by my neph but as a new member I'm not allowed to post URLs.
BTW, I have only one functioning kidney, the left one stopped working years ago and finally atrophied but no one knew because I was asymptomatic, therefore no reason to suspect a problem requiring imaging. Last May neph, primary and I were all three surprised to see a tiny bean that used to be a kidney.

It's recommended by most renal specialists for a stage 3 CKD patient to limit Na to no more than 3000 mg daily, K no more than 2000 mg, and P no more than 1000.

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