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Stage 3 Kidney Disease and Diet: What can I eat?

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Just got lab results. GFR slightly up from 35 at 37, BUN down from 40 to 37, Cr down from 1.47 to 1.41. Potassium is normal at 4.5 (was 4.8) Values indicate mild improvement in kidney function. I'm wondering how much my vegetarian renal diet has to do with the slowly improving values. Any feedback will be appreciated.

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kamama94, What has your nephrologist had to say about your numbers?
I am aware that a lot of people struggle with the best diet for CKD. And I wonder if you have had the opportunoty to consult with a nutritionist? I would like to think that your doctor could provide you with someone who would be interested in your diet and the resource information that you will soon be sharing here.
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My husband's kidneys are funtioning at37%. We found out the day his Kidneys was functioning at 37% in Jun that they had been at 31% in Dec. 2018. VA didn't say anything about him being at 31% which is almost at stage 4. So I have been trying to find a good diet for him. He loves his salt. So its very hard to keep that away from him. Plus Potassium. I let him once a week have whatever he wants. He has proteins in his urine. He's had 2 UTIs in 6 months time. VA clinic don't know how to read the Lab Reports. First UTI landed him in the hospital. Second one I found out and took him to an Urologist. Wednesday he has an lazor surgery on his Prostate. For 9 years he has been asking for the VA to check his Prostate. All they do is Medicate any problem but never tried to cure anything.
They won't let him go outside for anything. They have funds for the Outside (Choice Program) but its always broke fur to they use the funds for Bonuses, Raises and Promotions. Obama used it when he first got it up and running to help the Refugees and Illegals.
I have been trying to do my best to find a good diet. They all contradict each other. You can't really do it alone. You need a dietitian or a nutritionist. The VA didn't recommend one and we didn't know anything about it until recently. He doesn't have another appointment until Dec. 5/2019. With kidney disease and UTIs go hand and hand. You need to be seen every 3 months. Not 6-7 months.