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John, Thanks for your reply. So far I have seen doctors at Stanford and a doctor in private practice who was formerly at the Cleveland Clinic. None of these have been surgeons as I don't think anyone does this surgery in northern california. What's left for me seems to be either implants or surgery. I located a surgeon who says I'm a good candidate for his surgery, but it's hard to get independent verification or to know if he is the best doctor. I'm hoping to find someone who has experience with a surgery.

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@dhc684 Not sure if this helps but thought I would share it since so many people are asking the same questions…

"What kind of doctor do you see for pudendal neuralgia?
There is no particular specialty of physicians who treat PN, but when searching for a physician locally you may want to start your search with a sports medicine doctor, neurologist, gynecologist, urologist, pain medicine doctor, interventional radiologist, orthopedist, neurosurgeon, or plastic surgeon who has an …"
List of Doctors | Health Organization for Pudendal Education: https://www.pudendalhope.info/node/54

Mayo Clinic has a great sports medicine department, as well as neurology and the others listed. If you would like to seek help from Mayo Clinic, contact one of the appointment offices. The contact information for Minnesota, Arizona and Florida can be found here http://mayocl.in/1mtmR63.

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