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Hello @1mepnurse, I see that you recently joined Connect and I would like to add my welcome along with other members. It sounds like you have had 3 nerve blocks of to try and help with the chronic pain. Have you been diagnosed with Pundendal Neuralgia? You mentioned you have an upcoming CT scan of the Pudendal nerve. Are you able to provide an update after your CT scan and let us know if a new treatment plan is suggested?

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I pretty much diagnosed myself with having every symptom named! ( am a retired RN..)
I learned more.. am having Pudendal Nerve block under GUIDED CT is what it is. It will b to try & give me 1-2 weeks of relief and if it works, may repeat it. Hopefully, eventually it may keep giving relief.
It's next Tues, 22nd. I am more than happy to share my results!! Praying for us all !!

Sadly, the Pudendal block done by guided CT scan did not help me, so, therefore, even though I have every symptom of PNN, it's not that! Pelvic floor therapy is gonna b helpful some, I pray!
Prayers for ANYONE with these issues! Stay in touch !

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