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Anyone out there diagnosed with Pudendal Neuralgia?

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That would unfortunately be me.
I've had this problem for over 25 years. My pain is in the left tailbone and anus area. (How lovely).
Only relief has been Clozepam .5mg x2 per day along with Effexor which is an anti depressant. Her to help or talk. I'm back in this dreaded horse because of the opiod crisis and the doctor wanted me to get off Clozepam which I have been fir two weeks. I'm now just like it was day 1 with pain. I'm going back to Doctor to get back on them.

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I'm also a long time sufferer with pudental pain in my anus, and it's been there for 38 years. I've been on hydrocodone for more than 10 years...4 pills a day...and will ask my doctor about trying your Clozepam. Just got a Tenns unit and will also try it, although most Connect members have had little luck with them.

I’ve had pudendal entrapment in the exact same place as you. (How lovely indeed!) for 10 years at least. Had every treatment in the book and every medicine with nothing helping except opioids and NSAIDS till recently. Now I can’t take either due to side effects. I now have a spinal cord stimulator and it has definitely relieved pain in this area. But you have to be patient initially in getting the settings right for your particular problem areas. Another thing that has helped is using a “balance disc” to sit on (looks like a flattened, un-inflated rubber ball, recommended by my PT). Amazon has them. This is really helpful! And finally, I get help from Cymbalta (warning! After extreme, debilitating nausea on first trial, I had to start with a low dose along with the anti-nausea medication Promethizine. Very helpful.) I also get help from Lyrica. Good luck!

Tailbone pain is often medial cluneal neuralgia but nobody really treats that takes insurance besides pain mgt injections.

My pain is on either side of my labia, and I also subjected to spontaneous orgasms every once in awhile.
That’s not a lie, and not sure if it’s a good thing or a bad thing.

@pita444help My pain is in the very same area as yours and I feel it to be emanating from my episiotomy on the left side. Lyrica and Cymbalta help but I recently had a spinal cord stimulator which helped a lot with other pain. But I still get PN pain from sitting for a long time. Since it is hard to stand for most of the day I haven’t found relief. But I am working with the Nevro techs to address sitting pain specifically and will let you know if the SCS helps to significantly reduce it.