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Terri Martin, Volunteer Mentor (@windwalker)

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MAC & Bronchiectasis | Last Active: Sep 28, 2018 | Replies (63)

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Hi Terri, I need to know about plants in my house! I have some house that I love and now I’m concerned about breathing the soil. I love plants and don’t know if I should keep them. Please if you know any details about this I would appreciate it. For the past years I have been taking care of them and changing the soil watering them and I did not know that it could hurt me. I will give them up if I need to, my health is so much more than the plants. I am so desperate to learn more! I have been reading all the posts and even on line stuff. I am learning so much on this group and thank God it’s not to late. Thanks Rita.

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@america I think the problem is when the soil (potting soil included) is disturbed. So you should be OK if you wear a face mask when you repot the plant. Watering the plants should not cause you to catch MAC.

ling123, Thank you. I love gardening and the flowers, it makes me so happy and also the green plants.. like the house plants. I’m not sure how I got MAC but I don’t want it to destroy all the beauty in my life. Having RA and sjoghrens has keep me from many things. Life has many surprises but we have so much to be grateful for. Thanks Rita.

@america Rita, you are so right. We shouldn't let MAC, or any disease, get the upper hand. If green plants make you happy, keep enjoying them. Just be cautious when you need to stir up soil, like repotting. The plants themselves will not do harm to you. Actually plants provide clean air and should only be beneficial to your health. Besides, MAC can be found in soil as well as in water. So it is not for certain that you got yours from soil.

@ling123 and @america Rita, the majority of what I read points more and more to mac infection source being in water. Mostly in misted water from shower steam, hot tubs, indoor pools, sprinkler systems, still waters like ponds & lakes, and medical equiptment in hospitals and dental offices. Since you love to garden like I do, beware of potting soil containing PEAT. It has over a million parts per teaspoon of mac in it. Also, beware clipping and handling leafy things in your yard. Because you are suseptible to mac, you can also be prone to pseudomonas and aspergillus. These are found on leaves, both living and rotting. Also found in compost piles. Be sure to wear gloves or wash your hands well after handling. Live and do what you enjoy, just do it with more caution. When gardening we should wear masks. The best one I have found is the N95. They have a tiny respirator built into the front so that you can breathe with ease and not get sweaty. It keeps out 95% of particulate matter. You can find them at a paint supply store. A two-pack may run about $8.99. Well worth it. Please don't be too alarmed. Not all of us with mac become infected with many other mycobacteriums or fungus'. BUT some of us are more fragile and suseptible and these things can over-run our bodies. It is better to take precautions than to catch them and find that they are resitant to drugs.