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CBD oil for Neuropathy

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@mandyschneider0, @johnbishop Good morning. John has asked me to share some of my experience with you. I have used only medical cannabis for pain control of my SFN for several years now. To keep it simple in response to your questions about the dosage and the relief time, the relief is determined by the type of cannabis you use. Concentrate in a vape can bring relief immediately especially when the pain level begins to ramp up and create anxiety which leads to more pain, then more anxiety, etc. However, it doesn't last more than an hour or so depending on the dosage strength and the number of draws from the vape battery itself.

Tinctures take longer to begin working because they go through the digestive system. Holding the dropper amount under your tongue initially does work best. Depending on the dosage combination of CBD to THC, you can expect to feel emotionally calmer and happier as well as pain-free for several hours. So, my personal routine is after meals and before bedtime. The folks at the dispensaries will help. In some states, they have special pharmaceutical counselors to help get you started on the right track. I have posted frequently about cannabis use for pain management including links to helpful sites online. You may find more info there. My experience leads me to believe that the research for medical cannabis is progressing and the result looks promising. Be safe, be well. Chris

PS……..if you have the tingling needles in your hands or feet, a 3:1 CBD/THC has been more helpful than lidocaine compounds or essential oils. I use P&B Releaf Balm.

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The procedure are usually due for my hands and feet could cause seizure 4 my head so that's why they won't do this shots and the stimulation for it. That's why I've been doing CBD oilwhich works for 5 hours and then I have to do it again.

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