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CBD oil for Neuropathy

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Wolf wanted to get your advice on something . I’m 61 when I was 38 I developed symptoms of Frequent urination without emptying my bladder and just constant peeing and feeling if my bladder was full all the time. My eurologist just at that time diagnosed me with an large prostate and wanted to remove my prostate at the age of 38. I have course got a second opinion and that doctor started me on proscar and all my symptoms were relieved including low back pain which was excruciating.
As I mentioned I had back surgery in October had no relief in sight actually things have gotten worse. I went back to my urologist because I was thinking that possibly enlarge prostate might be contributing to my symptoms a back pain. He examined me and said that my prostate was huge that I was actually in the top 5 percentile. He prescribed an antibiotic for UTI infection and medicine to increase my urine flow but nothing to decrease the size of my prostate he wanted to wait 30 days I am 100% sure that my low back pain has something to do with my prostate.
Any advice?

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Hi, @carryme – just wanted to suggest that this thread, "Unusual frequent urination," might be a good place to get some input on the bladder issues you mentioned https://connect.mayoclinic.org/discussion/unusual-frequent-urination.

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