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CBD oil for Neuropathy

Neuropathy | Last Active: Aug 20, 2023 | Replies (460)

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I went to the good feet store last week. I was surprise that when I took their inserts out of my shoes I could tell the difference but I didn’t purchase it because I just didn’t know if it was my imagination. They are expensive that would be worth the price because I can hardly walk anymore can’t even make it to the grocery store so I order everything online and my husband buys all the fresh food at the store. What I wanted to ask also has anyone tried the Vital vision hummingbird machine for their leg feet pain
It’s suppose to help with Fibro pain. That’s what I’m trying to figure out if I have fibromyalgia or whatever the source of this pain is. The doctors tell me I don’t have it because it be sensitive to touch but I sure have chronic pain all on my body. And walking is horrible.

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Also. I’ve been using CBD oil and so far it’s not helping. Does it take time to take effect or is there immediate relief. It’s a high-quality expensive CBD oil it was purchased at a Compound Pharmacy. With a very good reputation How many milligrams did you have to take in order to get relief