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CBD oil for Neuropathy

Neuropathy | Last Active: Aug 20, 2023 | Replies (460)

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I use cbd oil for some neuropathy in my feet and also PLantar fasciitis. It helps me greatly but isn’t a cure by any means. But I’ll take it because th ain’t from my planta fasciitis was great in my heels and now it’s tolerable.

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@brendareid I don’t know if you are experiencing pain from plantar fasciitis but I wanted to tell you about my experience, I was having horrible unbearable pain because of plantar fasciitis. I started walking with the help of a Cain then it was so bad I was going to therapy and got custom made orthopedic shoes and orthotics sleeping with a stretcher then I needed crutches after I was getting steroid shots 1-2 a week because of the pain, the last thing I could not walk anymore soon I was in a wheelchair the doctor had given me a date for surgery then someone told me about the good feet store, I went, I had tried everything so what was one more thing, right? The inserts are very thin and I bought them I was really desperate! Within two weeks I was walking again, and within 3 weeks I had no pain. I have been wearing them for 7 years and no pain anymore. It sounds like a miracle but it really works. They are expensive but worth it. I never had the surgery and I really did not think it would work but just give it a chance. There’s a lot of insoles that say they help with PF but I had had only the same pair for the 7 years and they are still good. Maybe it sounds too good to be true but I can say they do work.