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CBD oil for Neuropathy

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I have been using CBD made here from cannabis and am told that it is much better than CBD made from hemp. This CBD contains about 5% THC, not enough to notice. Its relieves the pins/needles feeling in my feet.

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Where do you purchase this oil? I have nerve pain and the narcotics arent working…

I don’t think I can add a link on here.

@artscaping added a link to Papa and Barkley, which I found, but am not sure I can order from them directly. They do list the sites that sell the product, but I live in a small mountain town in CO (where it's legal) and went to the only site fairly close to me – went through the products they had listed and no Papa and Barkley product showed. Is a Papa and Barkley compound what you use?

Thank you for your post on cannabis oil. I agree with you that the oil from the marijuana plant is much more effective than the hemp version. I wonder if you might consider sharing the name and address or the email address of your source? My thanks.

Where do u get this oil from?

Use only CBD from hemp isolate and as the supplier to provide a Certificate of Analysis to be sure you are getting a quality brand such as Isospectra.

What dose of CBD oil do you take, mg of CBD/ml, how many drops/day.

thanks. I have been using CBD tincture (oral) 100 % CBD: useless. This may be because I have had it for 30 years. I read somewhere that it's more effective in early stages, not later like mine

Hello, just joined! Have neuropathy in both feet! You think CBC oil would help?

Where can I order it?

I am interested if you use an oral application or more of oil in solution that you rub on your feet. I would like to get more relief from pins/needles in feet that wake me up at night. Thanks

Can you tell me the brand name and which strength you use?