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Coping with anxiety while waiting

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Hello @54321 and welcome to Mayo Connect.

I am glad that you posted about your anxiety about waiting. Even though the health issues are different - the stress of waiting remains the same, doesn't it?

You mention wanting to get more info per visit. That is a great idea. It is good to advocate for yourself and get as much information as you need to be comfortable about what it going on with your health.

Have you considered writing down the questions you would like to have more information about and then asking the doctor or nurse? Sometimes this will help to organize your thoughts before the visit.

I look forward to hearing from you again as we all continue our waiting.


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Thank you so much for getting back so soon. My next appointment is June7th for echocardiogram (Dr thinks maybe I have some from kidney issue) June7th
June 8th -visit with nurse np - to "review my Kidney function "( blood draw June7 ) and echo
" and what to EXPECT with you"
I had portaled my MAYO nurse who sent these quotes to me.
I call my husband at work he said the info will come down the tube weather you are nervous or not.
OH my. This does not make me feel calm. Oh I know it's true but hard not to get annoyed (even panicky ) when so many things up in the air.
Yes I will with Daniel make a comprehensive list of our concerns. HE WILL BE USING HIS TABLET TO RECORD THE ANSEERS. Some of them will be ojt6of the nurses ability to answer - at this meetinv5
I pray the next meeting will not be 6 weeks away.
5 weeks ago my dr(all my Dr are at mayo) ended our visit 1with 20% bombshell.

@54321 @hopeful33250 Seven days I would not have been able to appreciate how hard waiting is but you are not alone. I would love to immediatly schedule a transplant surgery as a donor want to be. But I also know success in these matters depend heavenly on making sure all the T's are crossed & It's are dotted. There are great tips & ideas for people on this journey to handle stress including using Mayo Connect to follow stories of people like you & I.