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COPD and Emphysema: Want to connect with others

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@merpreb no, I didn't give it much thought. I'll ask my pulmonologist when I see him next year (He didn't feel I needed a new appointment, I made one anyway).

Frustrating is too mild a word. I just finished a 6k run. Perfect weather. I started at about 9 minute pace. It felt a little slow but comfortable. Within a mile I hit the emphysemic wall. 9 minute pace is normal for an average runner-with emphysema it's too fast. I slowed down and by the finish I was "running" 14 minute pace feeling like I'm running through ankle high water. I ended at 11:30 mile average, overall. Several years ago, I would have been happy with that time. Now, I'm disappointed that, considering my lung damage, this is as good as it gets.
I've seen a lot of improvement in lung function over the last 13 years so I'll keep pushing-if I can't improve anymore at least I can slow the decline, I hope.

Every 3-4 months I call the Mayo researcher who sets up the clinical stem-cell trials (for lung damage) hoping they have something for me. The last 2 years they did not have a suitable trial. I'm due to make the next call in October. Persistence is my greatest ally.

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@joelars– Good morning. It's very important to treat your COPD and emphysema because if you don't then it most likely lead to more complications and worse symptoms. I have a good feeling of what you want, not to have any of this at all, to appear robust and free to do just about anything. I want that too, but in reality, it's just not realistic. You are doing supremely well with exercising the way that you are. But you have a serious lung disease, as do I. But if I do not take my inhalers than my lungs feel much worse and breathing gets harder and over time it will only get worse. You probably would have an easier time exercising if you took inhalers. I also think that your doctor is not doing you justice if he is not pushing you to treat your symptoms. I don't think that you have mentioned why you have so much lung damage. Would you mind telling me?

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