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Think it's great that something is working for you. Good luck with the B12 in the future. I have tried B12 but it seems to make my condition worse.
I do have numbness from the waist on down to my feet and at time is very painful, especially the right leg-foot. Have not found anything to help and condition only seems to worsen weekly. If anyone has any suggestions please help. Not knowing whats happening or where this will end up causes the anxiety to go through the roof.
Mayo will not give me an appointment.
Does anyone know that if I just go there and wait will someone see me in neurology?
Thanks for any help you can provide.

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Hello Fred @goetf4997, you mentioned earlier that your pain and numbness is associated with spinal stenosis. I see that you mentioned you have tried Tylenol and Gabapentin but neither helped with the pain. Did your doctor have any other suggestions or treatment plans?

Also, have you tried getting your doctor to give you a referral for a Mayo Clinic appointment?


Can your primary do a Mayo referral?

You can have your physician refer you to Mayo. There is a section on the Mayo website for that. I was able to refer myself to Mayo after 5 local surgeons missed the problem and wouldn't help me. I contacted them on the website, they called me and had me send in all the imaging (spine problem). A surgeon at Mayo reviewed the imaging and offered an appointment. The website also has a section to show what insurance they accept. I have heard it can be difficult to be seen there, but I got in. It was after 3 years of missed diagnoses, and that likely was a factor, and I had an issue that surgery could repair. You do need to go through proper channels and have them issue a patient number. I don't think walking in cold and waiting will work. Once you are a patient, you can wait for available appointments on a standby basis. You might try a neurologist outside of Mayo and see if they can refer you.