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Small Fiber Neuropathy

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Scott, I am so sorry to hear about the issues you are having. I have been researching similar symptoms and issues and have read that when neuropathy is accompanied by bowel/bladder issues that nutritional causes should be investigated. This is a difficult area because most doctors are not trained in those issues. I hope you can get a diagnosis and help very soon. Good luck, Sita.

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Have you checked your B12 and Vit D levels. I just did a spectra cell test nutritional. It suppose that tell you if you are absorb nutrients at the celllar levels. I’m having the biopsy done next Tuesday.
Hoping this will give me some answers. Getting checked again for glucose levels which are always normal etc.
I have high SIBO level that are81, bowel issues. Using miralax. I Eat very healthy.
Just this pain is terrible
Can’t even drive anymore
I’ve posted on other connect sites. Trying to figure out what is going on. I also have spinal stenosis. Tremors. Etc lve researched. It can be genetic. Issues. Toxins. Viruses
Meds etc. but only Med I had 3 times in a years time that I reacted to was ciprofloxin antibiotic. That’s another long story. I’ve alre posted
so hopefully the medical field will figure out this someday.
Friend of ours. Who was in Vietnam war. Has neurapathy very bad. But it’s from
The agent orange. VA Confirmed it. So he’s on total disability. I tried gabapentin 100 mg. and it made me have slurred speech.
So my prayers to all of you.

Please tell me where you read about neuropathy and bowel and bladder issues being related to nutrition? I have all of the above symptoms plus some and have had three stomach surgeries. I am convinced malabsorption is an issue, but as has been said, doctors are not trained in nutrition.
Thanks! Sita