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One day at a time! We are over 10 years into an MCI diagnosis and it does get progressively worse, but I have learned not to have any expectations, then I’m not hurt or disappointed. Don’t argue about something. He really cannot remember. If he says he doesn’t need his meds because he already took them, I just back off, wait a few minutes, offer them again, and he usually doesn’t question it the next time.
We live very in the moment. So we enjoy the moments. It doesn’t matter that he can’t remember which team is our team, just enjoy the game.
My husband is a very intelligent professional engineer. He was our handyman, but can’t do sequential tasks any more. Sometimes I can google a problem, I follow the instructions and he contributes the manpower. For other things I just have to call a repairman.
He has become very dependent on me and doesn’t like me to be out of sight. So far, I have not had any help, but may have to do that soon, just to get a break.
He still dresses himself, but would wear the same thing every day if I didn’t intervene. Sometimes I hide what he’s already worn several times. 😜
I am blessed that he still loves me and he still loves Jesus. What more could ask?

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@pattyinal you described my life. My husband is still able to be home alone and can still drive, thankfully, (He is having a driving assessment next week) but remembering to take his meds and to eat is our struggle.

What is it with dementia and cleanliness? Getting him to shower and wear clean clothes on a regular basis is a challenge. He may put on clean clothes one day, but not shower. Another day he may shower but put the dirty clothes back on again. On other days he sees no reason to do either. I'm at a loss.

Thank God he still remembers our family and loves us all dearly. He may not always put dishes away in the correct spot or remember the names of things it animals, but he still finds joy in so much. I cherish those moments.


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