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We just found out my husband has mci. It is very emotional for me right now. I watched his Mom decline for years w the dementia.
I’m on a roller coaster of emotions right now.
Any advice?

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Hello. I am so sorry to read this and it brings back a lot of memories for me. When my mom got MCI, I didn't know the first thing about that or Alzheimer's and there really wasn't much information out there. Now there is a lot and my advice is to start learning all you can. Pace yourself and give yourself breaks. I have lots of good information on my website called A New Path for Mom. I have videos, articles and blogs. Go to the very beginning of my blogs and read how confused I was! You will need help and advice, and a lot of time to do things just for you. This Mayo Clinic Connect is a good place for support and I'm glad you found it! Take care, Virginia (www.anewpathformom.com)

@jimmyj1216 I'm so sorry to hear about your husband. I'm on the same rollercoaster as you. My husband was officially diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer's last fall. Both my mom and brother passed from it. It is a long and scary road to travel. This is a great place to find support.

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