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Hi @monicajones,

I'm tagging a few fellow Connect members – @suez @retrebotic @akogut @allegro @bakb @lshell @gailfaith @dbwhitted @ann64 @tallygirl – who may also have more insights from their experiences of coping with diverticulitis.

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It has been many years since I have had a diverticulitis attack. But when I did have them, At the very first sign of one, I went to a clear liquid died such as apple juice, It would pass in a couple of days until the next attack. Never did figure out what caused them or better yet, why they stopped. Two years ago one day I had slight pain in the lower left quadrant of my abdomen and I figured it was just another diverticulitis attack. I went about my normal days and If I remember correctly, this time I didn't even change my diet. After a week with no changes, I decided to go to the ER to ascertain what was going on. They took X-rays and told me it was not diverticulitis but I was passing 14 mm kidney stone. I apparently have a high tolerance for pain as the stone was huge. I should have been in agony, It was almost at the bladder by then, but they removed it under anesthesia. Moral of story, if you have ever had a diverticulitis attack, and get a additional ones, don't think automatically it is diverticulitis.

I have that as well as IBS.  Sometimes it is difficult to tell which one is bothering me.  I have medication for one but not the other.  A diet free from grains has been helping me for quite some time now.  It is hard to give up grains, but I have gut pain and muscle spasms when I regularly include them in my diet.  I wondered if anyone else has experienced this?  I have a high tolerance for pain, as well.  Hope you continue healing and are able to return to your regular activities.

Thank you for sharing @gailfaith

Thank you for sharing. I really appreciate it.