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Food as medicine

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Hi @barefoothorseman,

This is a great topic – I appreciate you starting this discussion.
I thought you might be interested in viewing this video, "Know Your Lectins" https://connect.mayoclinic.org/newsfeed-post/know-your-lectins-1/ on the Gastroenterology & GI Surgery Page on Connect. Here, Mayo Clinic dietitian in Gastroenterology, Jacalyn See debunks recent media that suggest that lectins, found in legumes and grains, can be toxic to one’s gut, and explains why we shouldn’t eliminate this nutritious carbohydrate-binding protein from our diet.
She explains that lectins are found in all foods, but are most concentrated in legumes and grains. They can be toxic, but only if eaten raw! Cooking completely denatures lectins; boiling eliminates almost all lectin activity, and canning is just as effective. The benefits of these healthy nutrients seem to far outweigh the negative effects of trace amounts of lectins.

Dr. Gundry's distinguished career in medicine, including his research experience, definitely offers some validity to his book, but we've been living with so much "fake news" that I feel it would have been much more beneficial to see some peer-reviewed research or studies that support his claims. It is a bit worrisome that his findings lie in opposition to well established facts about diet and health.

@barefoothorseman, I sincerely hope this message does not come across in a negative light, but I'm confident that, like so many of us, you just want good health and therefore deserve good information.
I'd like to invite Connect members @saucy @duvie @travelgirl @jmmb @april12mayo @gemmax @lioness and others, who've shared their diet experiences, what has helped or not, to join us here – I'd love to hear your thoughts.
Thanks for your patience and understanding, @barefoothorseman

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Having read many books lIke this on various topics I'll leave it at it depends. My personal opinion is that yes some plant lectin cause problems. Some cause problems with some people more than others. Cooking soaking pressure cooking as Dr Gundry and several others explain can break down most lectins but not all types. Most all of the foods with suspect lectins can be replaced with other foods to provide all the nutrition for a healthy diet.

Now here's what my gut tells me and my psoriasis. Many of those really bad lectin demon foods are mostly GMO foods in the US. Those GMO foods not only have new more potent lectins but are also laced with glycosate gluphosinate and many others. Monsanto Bayer Syngenta have already been charged with livestock deaths around the world and many countries have banned their products but in the US theses same GMO products are in 100,000's of foods that stock or grocery stores.

Since going organic and avoiding the main gmo grains and fruits my health and fitness have improved and my psoriasis is very hard to see and I'm sure will totally go away. I've also used essential oils in the healing process, but believe the cause for me was mostly GMO foods, then lectins sugar processed foods. But most lectin sugar and processed foods are also GMO foods in the US.