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Thank you for bringing this article to my attention, @webdog. I hope you will stay around long enough to get my reply.

I see that Dr David Tuller is working hard to change the attitudes and approaches of medical professionals around the world, such as the open letter to the editor of the medical journal the Lancet (http://www.virology.ws/2018/07/10/trial-by-error-yet-another-appeal-to-the-lancet-with-more-on-board/) in July 2018.

I see that he also wrote an article on the same blog calling out the CDC (http://www.virology.ws/2015/10/21/trial-by-error-i/( in 2015. And now the CDC has revised its clinical recommendations for ME/CFS. Change is happening.

I have found your participation on Connect to be very informative on ME/CFS. You are a valuable resource and support for people searching for information, who are new to the condition and/or have not done as much research as you. For this reason, I would like to invite you to stay with community and hope you'll continue to inform us.

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I decided to post here since there isn't a separate group for Myalgic myeloencephalitis/CFS. Was wondering if anyone on Connect would have a link or resource to finding an appropriate provider to diagnose and treat ME/CFS. I have used the ILADS website already. Someone also suggested the CFIDS website, but I see no links provided for searching for an informed, caring provider who will listen and support!
Thank you for any help!