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TBI and brain aneurysms

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It has to be hard. I’m so sorry you’re feeling this way. Try telling your family exactly what you wrote. Maybe they will better understand. I am sitting here with my husband who is in the ICU. day 3. Still much pain. Won’t eat. I’m desperately worried

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Yes, very painfull! I couldn't move an inch without being in severe pain ! And that lasted well beyond the 2 wks in I.C.U !!! Mostly my muscle and joints from my waist down! It was unbearable!!! They said it was from the blood finally dispersing, then basically being absorbed by your body! It's defiantly a horrible experience from beginning to end but just know he s still here and there's a reason for that, whatever it may be! Thank you for your advice! I hope everything turns out well! I'm here if you want to reach out again!!!

My Prayers .Trust me it works.Have Full faith in Divinity and whatever God you belive.I am Hindu and was saved from almost certain death after heart attack.You may like to chant Om Om Om if Ok HE listens to Prayers.God Bless

Thank you for your quick response. Yes we are lucky that he is still here with us. He never gets headaches so these ate definitely doozies. He said fireworks were going off in his head. Guess he has his own 4th of July show. We will take it one day at a time as the ol saying goes. I hope you continue to gain more strength and hope moving forward. Bless you!

Day 4. Now he is getting hiccups with some stomach spasms. Still on pain meds and oxygen. On a sodium drip also. Icu my new home for now. Any suggestions w the hiccups did any if you have them?

@0629 Hello Laura,

I appreciate your keeping in touch. As Colleen, @colleenyoung, mentioned in her post, please take a look at the discussions regarding ICU experiences. Being in the ICU is most unique and others can identify with what you are going through.

I look forward to hearing from you again.


@0629 Hello Laura:

It has been a few days since you last posted. Has there been any change in your husband's condition? I hope you are doing well.


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