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Since you mentioned dietary issues I am dropping this prepared note into the chain. You may take it for what it is worth or simply delete. If you would like more information I can explain what I did (lots of phone calls and food logs ); you may write me directly if you want any of the back story.
My Symptoms – vomiting, nausea, achy stomach, bloat, weakness. Trouble talking, thinking, listening. Pain in left shoulder. All symptoms started slowly and slowly resolved after vomiting at the three to four hour mark. Had asthma as a child. Recent problems started 3 – 4 years ago. I am in very late middle age. Average weight. My symptoms are almost completely under control now and I can look back and figure what I did wrong and remember for next time.
Medical – Had “every test.” GI doctor finally told me to just “avoid trigger foods.”
Problem: Couldn’t figure out what trigger foods were. Turned out the problem for me was the preservatives IN the food
Solution: avoid preservatives, especially sulphites which are rarely labeled. I am ever vigilant. Note: If I do happen to eat too much or the wrong thing it sometimes helps to stand up, walk around, take a shower, take deep breaths. Sometimes.
What I Can Eat
Beef, organic chicken, eggs, food after removing skins (apple, avocado, watermelon, etc) canned tuna, maybe lamb. Salad bar items not otherwise excluded. Also yogurt, milk, cheese, fresh fruits and veggies (limited quantities), ice cream (yay). Also cookies, cake – all that stuff you want to keep away from. I ask for a cheese plate for dessert . One – two tablespoons of just about anything. Most food in Europe or Africa. TV dinners – Swanson’s Hungry Man, Amy’s Organic. Always small meals and snacks. Sips of liquids at meals only. Between meals, fine. (I have only ever drunk water or coffee, don’t know about other liquids.) Am never hungry and amazingly have lost some weight.
What I Can NOT Eat
Marinated beef, NON organic chicken, PORK!, most seafood. Canned or frozen or otherwise preserved fruits or veggies or potatoes. Eggs that pour from a carton. Cruciferous vegetables (sort of figured this out) – even fresh. Any of these things that come in a package (note: this is a simple question to ask in a restaurant –“is ______fresh or does it come to you in a bag or is it frozen from another location?) Canned food (except tuna), boil in bag rice, large meals, Worcester Sauce (the worst!). Meal kits (especially Blue Apron). Spicy or fried foods. Large amounts of water or coffee – 8 oz or so – at meals. Wine. Don’t know about other alcoholic beverages. My list could be much longer; I have enough food to satisfy me with my “Can Eat” list. You will want to make you own list.
Again, you may write me directly if you want any of the back story.

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Omg. We are doing GAPs diet with my son. Basically same. Cut out all preservatives, additives, etc. most things are basic. My son can’t handle nuts either and small dairy. No processed sugar.

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