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Zytiga for Prostate Cancer

Prostate Cancer | Last Active: Nov 10, 2019 | Replies (27)

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Johnson & Johnson Foundation program helps with expense of Zytiga.

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Replies to "Johnson & Johnson Foundation program helps with expense of Zytiga. http://jjpaf.org/apply/ http://www.jjpaf.org/medications/"

Like Gay has suggested there are some foundations that can help with payments. Toward the end of last year when I first considered Zytiga I did some research and gathered a list of resources to check. However, since I have elected to postpone that option I never followed up on it. One good thing is that zytiga is now FDA approved for early stage hormone treament and some insurance may pay for part of it. I'm fortunate that my insurance, a supplement to my Medicare, does pay for the Lupron injections I receive at a clinic every 6 months. That cost, at least what the clinic bills is $28,000+. I do know that Zytiga is more expensive and not sure how agreeable insurance will be to pay. I did read that the company which developed Zytiga sold the rights , perhaps it was Johnson & Johnson for two billion $. J&J must be quite happy to see the drug approved for pre castrate resistant purposes which opens the door to far more patients. Donnelson, which type of medication are you now taking ? Zytiga does sound like a creditable option. Hope all continues favorably with your issue.

I'm on Lupron (2 shots, down),bicalutamide,and trospium Chloride

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