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Zytiga for Prostate Cancer

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@donnelson, I included this discussion in the Cancer group as well as Men's Health. I'd like to ask @alanr to join this discussion. I believe Zytiga was recommended for him as well and he may have experiences to share.

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Replies to "@donnelson, I included this discussion in the Cancer group as well as Men's Health. I'd like..."

I've had no replies. Perhaps Zytega is that new.

donnelson, I'm still hopeful that @alanr will join this discussion about ZYTIGA® (abiraterone acetate).

@donnelson beyond price, what questions do you have about the drug? Has your oncologist recommended it for you?

Zytiga has just recently approved and it is expensive, perhaps even more than the above writer suggested. Up until recently it was only approved for Mastastisis castrate resistant cancer but now it can be used as hormone treatment. I'm not sure if it will be used in conjunction with Lupron injections or instead of. I understand it has to be taken daily, perhaps as many as 4 pills. Predisone also needs to be taken with it. I have'nt heard anything about side affects. I'm on Lupron for now and it has beeen keeping PSA low, ie less than 1. My doc says Lupron does become castrate resistant in 2-5 years, Ive been on it for 18 months. If PSA starts to go up I will then have to decide if I want to take Zytiga. If any of you hear, or know, anything more please keep us posted.

For additional info on Zytiga go to Janssen Biotech web site they are the manufacturer and they have some good details and will also send you info packet.

Thank you. I ahave never taken a drug that is as expensive as Zytiga. Several of my urologists tell me that there are other choices. So far no movement. You are the only one I've contacted that ever has heard of Zytiga.