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Post-Nissen Fundoplication Problems: What helps?

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Wow. I’m so glad I saw y’all’s posts. I’ll keep watching. I hope someone out there has good results to report after a second Nissen.

I was told after my second RFA (radio frequency ablation) on my Barrett’s that my Nissen has apparently slipped and I now have a small hernia. We’re not going to consider surgery for that though until all of the RFAs on the Barrett’s are complete. (Third is scheduled for later this year and I will have at least 4 more after that. )

@btowngal I too wonder if I will HAVE to have another Nissen fundiplication.
@fourof5zs How on earth are you allowed to eat all of that fiber with your Gastroparesis? I have that too and fiber is positively forbidden on my eating pl

I am so fortunate that my Nissen slip doesn’t seem to cause me any problems. I am so sorry for the pain and difficulties y’all are experiencing.

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@pdilly I forgot to mention I also have diverticulosis . Last year I had a very bad attack of diverticulitis. I have gone from having a few pockets to many throughout my colon... so more chance of getting diverticulitis. The attack last year was no fun!.. the worst I have ever had! It is difficult reaching a balance of fiber when you have one condition requiring a high fiber diet, and another that requires a low-fiber diet, and another condition requiring easy to swallow foods. The granola bars are my main source of fiber with the nuts and dried fruit. It amazes me how well it does digest and not just sit in my stomach like most fiber does. Cooking Quick Oatmeal the regular way it just sits in my stomach, but toasting it changes something. The nuts and dried fruits are chopped small and the bars are soft with the honey and brown sugar. Small bites and slow eating is a must! I really do not know which is the worst to deal with.. chances of getting diverticulitis or having gastroparesis. Of course there is the small stomach to deal with and it gets tiring eating something every two to three hours trying to get enough healthy calories in.

My last surgery had to be open because the hernia pulled 3 loops of my intestines into my chest and pushed my lung against my ribcage. I still deal with the pain from this surgery... way back in 2015. The pain is less, but still high on the scale. My body just kept make things so complicated.

Please bear in mind that my surgical experience is a rarity. My first two doctors in my hometown were not great or even good, but the ones at the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville were the best. Do not let it scare you, but be aware that sometimes the body is going to do what it wants to no matter how great the surgeon is and like I said: I had the best at the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville. I still go there for esophageal checkups. My hometown gastro doctor said that so much was done to me at the Mayo Clinic that he thought it best they continue with my care there.. he still takes care of my lower abdomen and he is a great doctor.