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Adults On The Autism Spectrum

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Yes, your statement is not political - just human and caring. I'm sure many of us have heavy hearts as you do. People with Autism do care and do feel for others.

Are there any other groups where you could invite adults on the Spectrum to join this discussion on Connect? I too, would love to have more Members and sharing.


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Replies to "@mamasitalucita Yes, your statement is not political - just human and caring. I'm sure many of..."

Yes, there are. I will begin today.

hi, Mamasitalucita I here and say good day to you this daggy 60 years old autistic Australian. I replied to an earlier comment

Hello there Sir Galahad.  Hope you will come by often and impart some of your words of wisdom and encouragement to all of us here on the Senior Spectrum.  You are welcome anytime. Peace to you, brother.

Good day to you, dear friend. I love my Australian brothers and sisters! It's not just the accent, which is so cute, by the way. It's that spirit that seems to travel across the waters and says "It's ok, mate! We'll get through this! Been there before, you can do it." We are a pretty terrific bunch, I'd say, all of us together. Peace, out.

tah muchly dear friend

how do i post an article I have just seen and read about they have identified the genes connected and the origins of where autism ,ADHD ,DEPRESSION AND ANXIETY COMES FROM

@sirgalahad You can post an article by selection "Add Media" (you will see it at the top of the posting box). Most pdf articles will post just fine. If you have any problems let me know and I'll get another mentor, @johnbishop, to explain it better. Teresa

Thanks for the tag Teresa @hopeful33250. @sirgalahad is the article you are reading on a website? If it is and you want to share the web page with members in your post, all you need to do is copy the web page address (URL) at the top of your web browser program. Then paste the page address in your post. Here's some how to information that you might find helpful:

How to copy a web page link or URL
-- https://www.computerhope.com/issues/ch000867.htm

If the article is a PDF file and you have downloaded it to your computer, you can use the Add Media button at the top of the post and upload the PDF from your computer. If you have a link to the PDF article you can share it by copying the web page or URL that goes to the article and share it like a web page above.

Hope this helps!

That is exciting to hear. Hope you are able to post the article or let us know how to find it.

thank you John the Mentor , i wasn't sure being Mayo clinic how to add as i live in Australia