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Mamacita, Alumna Mentor (@mamacita)

Adults On The Autism Spectrum

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Hello @mamasitalucita

I just read the above post about your shopping trip which ended uncomfortably. I so admire how you were able to take this uncomfortable situation, remove yourself and then look at it again with new eyes and not be devastated by it! I wish you could teach all of us "neurotypicals" how to do that. What I really appreciate is the fact that you don't take this one experience and decide never to go out again, but instead you think that "Next time, I'll remember to wear ear plugs!"

Your attitude really is inspirational. If you ever decide to write a daily inspirational book about your experiences, I would love to read it. But for now, I'll just be content to read your posts.


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For @hopeful33250, and anyone else who read my story of going to Academy Sports and getting totally overwhelmed with the noise and sights. I grabbed the buggy today, cleaned off the handle bar and the doors whooshed open! Immediately the loud music began screaming in my supersonic ears. I thought " You have your ear buds, you can use them!!!" Then immediately I decided " No, I got this." I took my buggy and headed off to look for a patio umbrella and a small /medium pool. I went down all the aisles, and found exactly what I needed , on sale. Meanwhile, Bubba and Gramps were on the other side of the store, getting Bubba's new bike. I even had a good conversation with an employee. We talked a good long time, and hopefully I laid some groundwork for some other person to come along and give her some more encouragement. And to think I almost didn't even go into the store after my last misadventure there. It felt good to be out where other families were shopping for the summer, planning on enjoying their days together. Buying things that will help them enjoy their backyards and each other. You are inspirational. You take your time to be available to people all across the world, who need a place to feel safe. A place to ask questions. I just hope more people find the blessing I have found here.