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Mamacita, Alumna Mentor (@mamacita)

Adults On The Autism Spectrum

Autism (ASD) | Last Active: Sep 8, 2022 | Replies (1137)

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That's the thing, I clearly do not think of myself that way. It is only when I understand better how neurotypicals think, believe, and behave, I see that I am a fish out of water. Most people would rather I not mention these things, because it is so clearly out of the norm. Some, like the school principal years ago, appreciated me and put me to work. That's what I like. To be put to work. I come in handy, as we say in the South.

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Mamacita dear friend sorries this is an off the track coment .I was just told by Colleen to contact you guys .I was travelling to Hospital this morning and a guy got on the train and squeezed his fat bum between the 2 of us very little room left .I asked can you stop sitting on me and pushing I cant move any where . I am also autistic and he started abusing me and when I said you are discriminating me as a disabled person .told to get off my high horse and to live as an ablebodied person and or you should wear a label seeing you are invisble disabled person and autistic just like the jews were made to do in the ww2 and in Nazi Germany Welcome to fascist Australia and no cares about each other and the supposed bullshit of mate ship has gone .Its alright to abuse a disabled person nowadays and he told to take my head out of my arse .my final reply why don't you try and live in this world as an autistic and see how you like it .I am sadly so bloody angry and upset and triggered and hate this world so much I would rather die again than continue .