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Adults On The Autism Spectrum

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@mamasitalucita Hello MamacitaLucita

I would like to read some of the books you mentioned in your post. The one thought that I found most intriguing about your post was "thinking in pictures." Can you explain what that is all about?


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I will give it my best shot.  Thinking in pictures.  When someone is engaging me in conversation, every word that is said appears as a specific picture in my brain.  For example, if you tell me that you will bring me a rose cutting from your garden, in my mind I will see a red rose from my Father's garden.  It is almost like an immediate translation to another language. When tommorow comes, and your roses are a different color of red than I had anticipated, my mind will add that memory to my collection of pictures.  There's more, but try this on for starters.  This is one reason many Autists are such concrete thinkers.  Thank you for your interest.  I hope I have helped a little bit.

Hello @mamasitalucita

Thank you for the description of thinking in pictures. Your explanation does help somewhat. I have ordered the book, "Thinking in Pictures" so perhaps I'll get a better idea after reading that.

Your mind must be filled like a picture album – would that be a good description or not? Do the pictures disappear after one experience and then get replaced with new picture from current experiences? I hope that I'm not boring you with trying to get a handle on this.


I wanted to mention that my "pictures" do not get replaced. They are added to a "file" and the further back in my memory, the more difficult they are to retrieve. I can visit them when I want to, and it brings me so much pleasure to remember parts of my childhood. Riding down the creek in a little boat that my Daddy and I built together. Looking at the beautiful, dark face of my Indian Great grandmother, at the funeral home. her pure white hair in stark contrast to her skin tone. The cotton fields in my home town. School didn't start until after Labor Day, because entire families had to work together to get the crop in. Thanks for listening. Mamasita

Thank you for sharing your lovely pictures with us, @mamasitalucita


More to come. The good definitely outweighs the not so good. Mamacita

Another book I really like is Be Different. I think you will find it an enjoyable read.


Thanks to everyone for the book suggestions. I just received the "Thinking in Pictures" book and I'm looking forward to reading it.


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