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How to not eat SAD (Standard American Diet)

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@ Dear barefoothorsman, …..throw a clean chicken, (or just the parts you like) into a large pot, put in carrots, onions, celery, cabbage,elephant garlic (a few pieces, peeled) yellow potatoes, cook for about 60, or 75 minutes and you have a delicious meal. Naturally you can use organic vegetables and garden raised chicken if you wishj. Stuffed cabbage with extra cabbage around your stuffed meatballs with ricecin the meat and some sourkraut on the top of the pot, but not the liqyud in the sourkraut cooked in a tomato sauce. These "old world" european dishes are great like thick green pea soup. Just a few good and healthy meals. Just for you and whomever reads this. Good luck With care, peach414144

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Thank you peach I'm really getting into my pressure cooker. Been hard finding clean chicken though in Nebraska. Thinking in going to try natural grocers or whole foods next. Even the no antibiotics chicken is probably fed GMO corn and thus made of gmo corn and roundup and maybe arsenic.

@ Dear barefoothorsman you rea;;y know your stuff. We are really ruining this planet. And he poor elephants and over fishing, etc. "Soylent Green" is a predictor. It is an old movie that shows the way to an end. Very interesting. Peach

I had never heard of elephant garlic before, so I looked it up in case others were like me. "Elephant garlic is a perennial plant belonging to the onion genus. It is not a true garlic, but actually a variant of the garden leek. en.wikipedia.org."

@johnbishop – how much are a "few pieces" in terms of tablespoons, etc.?


Every once in awhile, I see a picture of a Hamberger BBQ or any meat, and I think oh, Lee one won't hurt you. Last Thanksgiving, I went so far as to say, ok, I will have a piece of Prime Rib. NOT! it was horrible. It takes awhile to flush your system and go No red meat. I used to think that Vegetarians were Tree Huggers. Believe me, you have to be creative. I am not a VEGAN. I eat fish, especially Salmon, Shrimp and Crab. I also love Trout. Have you ever had very small trout that you just caught for breakfast> Or what about smoking them. Oh WOW. so good. I am about 4 years into my new eating habits. One wonderful thing is I feel lighter. I know I am not eating something that has been shot with hormones and whatever else. As a result, if I get a cut, or as recently had back surgery for crushed Vertabra you cannot believe how fast I heal. I am 76 and my only pain and suffering is what I do to myself Even with RA, I eat no RED meat. Forgive my spelling, I have no idea what is going on with my brain today… LOL One other thing, we need some salt, but STOP with the shaker and give it a chance and you will find that the food is so much better. 5 years ago I would have called a person lie me nuts. But no longer. I have gone from 159 to 147 and still working to get down to my 135. I don't want to go any lower than 135 as we need a bit of fat to tide us over when we go to the hospital or get sick. Just try it for a couple of months.

Hi Teresa @hopeful33250, from what I've read Elephant garlic is milder than regular garlic. If I were a cook, I would probably equate a few pieces to mean chopping/mincing up one clove and use one of my fat fingers pinches of chopped up garlic. I did find some good advice on measurements for garlic:


About the only tasty thing I've ever made besides toast with peanut butter is Peel-A-Pound Soup back when I was in Weight Watchers and was scrounging for "free from points" stuff to eat. I could eat as much of the soup as I wanted.


@Some pieces are karge, others are small. But anyone can easily figure out how to estimate how many tablespoons. A A few pieces can be 2 tablespoons. Sometimes I put in 6 pieces or abbout 6 tablespoons. Elephant garlic tasts like garlic with a very low and sweet garlic taste. Peach414144

@ The more you cut any garlic into small pieces the greater the taste. The larger the piece, then the sweeter the taste especially with elephant garlic. Therefore when I make a soup, especially chicken soup I place large pieces into the soup so the garlic can be distinguished from the other vegetables. ENJOY! peach414144

Thank you for that tip Peach @peach414144 !

@ Dear Johnbishop and everyone else: Since you like peanut butter: When I do not feel like cooking and I do need protein for the day I make a peanut Butter and pickle sandwich on the bread of your choice. If you make this with a garlic dill pickle it is a unique taste.

Hi @peach414144 What a unique idea – I do like peanut butter and dill pickles but I've never put them together – I need to give it a try.


One of my mainstays as a teenager was peanut butter and sliced banana sandwiches. Magnesium and protein…☺

@johnbishop You and Elvis both! Teresa

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