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How to not eat SAD (Standard American Diet)

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Hello @barefoothorseman — This is a great discussion and question. It can be a challenge to eat healthy and sometimes when you think you are eating healthy you can be wrong. Eating out is always a challenge for me. I try to stay away from anything fried or processed. When I do eat out, a lot of times I will try and order grilled chicken breast or other meat and steamed vegetables if they have them. Then I try to avoid all of the condiments. I do order a lot of salads and don't worry about the e-coli unless there is a specific known outbreak in the region. I always get the dressing on the side so I control how much is used.

I have small fiber peripheral neuropathy and polymyalgia rheumatica which started me thinking that I need to do something. About the time I found Mayo Connect I was researching diet changes and ran across the Wahls Protocol book written by Dr. Terry Wahls. I read a blurb about her and how she pretty much eliminated many or most of her symptoms of MS through her own research on diet. I ordered her book which is what got me started on changing my lifestyle and trying to eliminate all if not most processed foods. She has an amazing story if you would like to read more about her:

She started me on my green smoothies for breakfast routine which I try to do 4 or 5 days a week. I also try to buy organic if I have a choice and we have a local farmers market that has great produce when in season. When I can't get that I opt for frozen fruit and veggies without anything added to them. I wished I liked fish so that I could add it to my diet. I get pretty nauseated if I try to eat it even though I know it's healthy, especially the fresh caught ones.

Good luck on your search. I hope you get lots of suggestions so I can use them too! Thanks for posting this discussion. ☺


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Thanks John, I'll take your advice and add that book to my reading list.

Have you tried canned wild caught fish like salmon or sardines. I'm eating a red salmon salad right now for dinner.

I'm convinced almost all deseases today including cancer are man made from man made foods drugs and chemicals

As much as I know that fish and especially wild caught salmon are really good for your diet I just can't do it. It comes up faster than it goes down. I've tried many ways to eat it but can never keep it down. As a kid my mother used to make us tuna sandwiches which I could tolerate but really didn't like them. She would mix celery, dill pickles and mayo into the tuna and I think the pickles helped somehow but I've tried it as an adult and it makes me gag. I get my omega 3 and 6 from lemon flavored Norwegian Fish Oil (4 tsp a day) and organic cold pressed hemp oil (1.5 oz a day). I know it's not as good as getting it from the source but at least I can take it this way.

@johnbishop, John,I am the total opposite. I could eat fish everyday!(except salmon, that is a once in a blue moon thing)

We have been supporting a radio station in Nome, Alaska – KICY after going there one summer with the wife's sisters church group to do some summer helper work on a new generator building. In the winter the station director usually makes trips to a lot of the supporting churches for fund raisers and he ships fresh caught salmon and prepares it at each church. We've been to three of the dinners so far and they always have chicken for me ☺ My daughter loves the salmon and goes with us. As good as it is, I can get a small piece on the tip of my fork and swish it down quick, say yummy and go back to my chicken and veggies…and of course all the Norwegian home baked pies and cakes assortment.

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