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Peripheral neuropathy, RLS and PLMD

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Yes, I'm finding a bike helpful as well. I've been using the NuStep (I think that is the right name). It looks like a recumbent exercise bike but the pedals and movable handle bars look like those on an Elliptical. I recently began having symptoms of neuropathy on the right inner leg. After having an EMG it turned out to be from a inflamed nerve at the root of a L5. The biking helps. I use it at my health club – it would be too expensive to buy for home use.

It works better for me than the traditional recumbent exercise bike – I don't get as winded from heart problems – not sure what difference it makes. Exercise bikes are also great for Parkinson's patients. There is a special program offered by YMCAs throughout the country called Pedaling for Parkinson's. It is group exercise for PD patients on the stationary bikes.


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Hi Teresa (@hopeful33250),
I have an older ProForm Hybrid Trainer that is a cross between and elliptical and recumbent exercise bike. They are probably not quite as nice as the NuStep but a lot more affordable at $349. https://www.proform.com/hybrid-trainers/hybridtrainer. I very rarely use it in stand up mode. The elliptical exercise bikes are great for stretching and getting the legs moving which I really need since I can't walk very well or far.


Hi John @johnbishop

Thanks for the information about the Trainer that you use. I'll check it out. I live in a small apartment, about how much space does it take up?