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Extreme pain in hands

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Hi John,
I know we all wish that a cure and a cause could be found. Meanwhile this is sure a good place to find what works for some and I've sure learned a lot. I've had all the testing possible and have even been sent to a rheumatologist by my neurologist to be sure it was not autoimmune. It is not. Still no known cause but I had little to no pain – at least that others have experienced. I've had some shooting pains to give me a feel for what they experience. The rheumatologist here in Boulder, CO that I went to said there have been some very convincing studies that B complex or B6 combined with Alpha Lopeic acid have helped some neuropathy. you probably can find the study somewhere. this combination hasn't helped me, but I continue to take them. The rheumatologist said it's certainly worth trying it. He also recommended multiple vitamins in the hopes that it is a lack of a vitamin or mineral.
I recently started taking a natural multiple vitamin. Within 24 hours the tingling started to subside and now is almost non-existent, however I still have the numbness. Losing the tingling is wonderful and I hope it stays away. it had been getting worse for the last 2 years.I must say, I'm not convinced it was the multiple vitamin that helped, because I also have been doing Yoga since January, and since I believe my numbness and tingling could be related to my back (however an MRI said no stenosis) I think the Yoga could be helping.I've had back issues for 30 years or more. (degenerative disc disease) I also switched Calcium pills recently since I've read that some pills have a carrier in them that may cause issues with neuropathy. I also wanted to mention that for Carpal Tunnel some have said that there are some shoulder exercises that
some have done to ease this pain, so a PT or a certified yoga instructor would be who I'd ask for a referral. Take it for what it's all worth, but I thought since you've used some alternative methods for relief, I thought I should add mine in. It's too bad we have to do our own research on this, but it's not the only disease that lacks proper research for a good answer.

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Any luck with your diagnosis and treatment?

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