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Extreme pain in hands

Neuropathy | Last Active: Apr 16, 2020 | Replies (21)

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Hello @lhenry — Welcome to Connect. We are glad you found us. I have peripheral neuropathy mostly in my legs and I also have carpal tunnel syndrome in both hands but mostly my left one. While my hands sometimes hurt and are stiff, I've never had the type of pain you are describing. Are you able to get a referral to a hand specialist? I have no medical training or background but I would definitely want another opinion if I were in your shoes.

As far as vitamin B6 and B12 reversing the pain, I would ask the doctor how do the vitamins reverse the pain. I would especially worry about vitamin B6 as it is different than other B vitamins and can give you toxicity from high levels of B6.

Have you had any injuries to the left hand? Pinched or damaged nerves can cause pain like you are describing.

Hoping you get some answers soon.


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Hi John,
I know we all wish that a cure and a cause could be found. Meanwhile this is sure a good place to find what works for some and I've sure learned a lot. I've had all the testing possible and have even been sent to a rheumatologist by my neurologist to be sure it was not autoimmune. It is not. Still no known cause but I had little to no pain – at least that others have experienced. I've had some shooting pains to give me a feel for what they experience. The rheumatologist here in Boulder, CO that I went to said there have been some very convincing studies that B complex or B6 combined with Alpha Lopeic acid have helped some neuropathy. you probably can find the study somewhere. this combination hasn't helped me, but I continue to take them. The rheumatologist said it's certainly worth trying it. He also recommended multiple vitamins in the hopes that it is a lack of a vitamin or mineral.
I recently started taking a natural multiple vitamin. Within 24 hours the tingling started to subside and now is almost non-existent, however I still have the numbness. Losing the tingling is wonderful and I hope it stays away. it had been getting worse for the last 2 years.I must say, I'm not convinced it was the multiple vitamin that helped, because I also have been doing Yoga since January, and since I believe my numbness and tingling could be related to my back (however an MRI said no stenosis) I think the Yoga could be helping.I've had back issues for 30 years or more. (degenerative disc disease) I also switched Calcium pills recently since I've read that some pills have a carrier in them that may cause issues with neuropathy. I also wanted to mention that for Carpal Tunnel some have said that there are some shoulder exercises that
some have done to ease this pain, so a PT or a certified yoga instructor would be who I'd ask for a referral. Take it for what it's all worth, but I thought since you've used some alternative methods for relief, I thought I should add mine in. It's too bad we have to do our own research on this, but it's not the only disease that lacks proper research for a good answer.

Hi @rpierro ,
I think you are right about the exercises and Yoga. I also have degenerative disc disease and osteopenia. It's difficult for me to walk very far due to lower back pain. I'm the guy that has to push the shopping cart at the supermarket even when only buying a few items. I had a few physical therapy sessions to learn some lower back exercises and that seems to have helped quite a bit. At least I'm not bothered as much by my lower back. My doctor put me on 1200 mg calcium daily but it's a constant struggle as it causes constipation then I have to search for other changes to help with the throughput. I've added 2 tsp of organic apple cider vinegar with a glass of water several times a day and it seems to help. I've been doing a little research on calcium and read that calcium AEP is probably what I will start next.

Calcium AEP: Membrane Integrity Factor Aids Treatment of Multiple Sclerosis, Asthma and Osteoporosis

Happy Friday!

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