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Total Knee Replacement

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My PT always tells me not to compare myself and I read that. Your journey sounds like your off to a good start and 90 degrees at 8 days is really good. It took me awhile to get to ). I watched so many rehab utube videos. Also in the bed, I very often bend the knees and especially before getting up each day. Work up to 50-100 bends. That helped loosen them up and helped with the pain. I think your doing good and only time in therapy will help you get past that 90. I recommend icing every day, sometimes a couple of times a day. And at your stage elevating. Take your rx meds as prescribed. I took them an hour before every physical therapy Appt. That way you stay ahead of the pain to better exercise. As soon as I could I think maybe a month out I switched to Aleve. Movement truly helps the pain more than anything after you begin to heal your incision. At 16 weeks I still have to exercise and stretch them every day. Walking is a great exercise. You will get there just stay positive and stay with therapy. There are some great PT videos you can add to your regular ones. Best of luck. You got this!

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Thank you for your input. I hope to do as well as you. I’m going to keep trying. Thanks.

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