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Mary D (@maryd)

Difficulty breathing on airplanes

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Hello @maryd, while we wait for other members jump in, it may be helpful to share a bit more about your experience. If you are comfortable, would you mind sharing what respiratory infection you had in 2006?

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Hello Justin,
I wish I knew what kind of upper respiratory infection I had. I only remember it was similar to the flu. Fever, sore throat, body aches, and cough. It occurred during a period of time when doctors were trying to cut back on the use of antibiotics. I was sick for a couple of weeks and then had one week of wellness followed by a constant cough. I requested an antibiotic but the doctor refused because my temperature was normal. After a couple of weeks of coughing I developed chest pains and ended up in the emergency room. I was told that my EKG was abnormal but they did not think it was a heart attack. They sent me home. I was weak and short of breath for months. I had a cardiac work-up shortly after because the symptoms never went away. I have had numerous tests both pulmonary and cardiac over the years, but no answers yet. The things that worsen the symptoms are exercise, any amount of alcohol, flying in a plane, and dental procedures. I know that may sound odd, but I'm really hoping that someone out there has had even a remotely similar experience. I feel there was a cardiac event from the untreated respiratory infection because my EKG has never been the same. Doctors always say the EKG has non-specific changes. My O2 sats have never been the same either. I have not flown in a plane or been able to resume an exercise program since this happened.

@maryd Wow, your story sounds very similar to mine. I am reading over your posts so that I know more about you. I will reply to your last post that you directed to me when I am through.

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