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Over the counter anxiety medicine

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@littleonefmohio — you know, breaking the chain of being a yelling household is a great thing — kudos to you for all your efforts toward that. My parents were both yellers, and my husband did not grow up in a family like that. When we were first married, he would tell me he'd be happy to talk about X when I would stop raising my voice. It kind of stunned me, but I quickly realized that we'd have much less drama and more calm in our house if we did not communicate through yelling. In our 14 years of marriage, yelling has been a real rarity, and that's been a huge blessing.

How do you deal with it now if others yell or talk loudly? Does that come up with relatives, friends, watching sports events?

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Good for you for realizing that you need to stop raising your voice.

The only way I can deal with yelling is to stay a way from others. Yelling sends me into a panic and a dark place. I am still working on not feeling like everything is my fault when others yell. Intellectually I know the yelling is not my fault, but the fear and guilt take over then the fear. thankful for my woman's cave. I can always go to my bedroom, turn the fan on high and escape the yelling. I am too sensitive is what I have been told. Maybe so.

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